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Our Services

With over 40 years in Automotive OEMs and 2nd tier supply industries proaqua UK provides unrivalled expertise in all aspects of finishing industry water management.

We specialise in water treatment chemistry, equipment and services for the finishing industry and in particular for spraybooths in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Areas of Expertise

    • Cost effective foam control
    • Specialists in waterbased paint treatment chemicals
    • Maintenance of consistent water & air flow
    • Sludge volume reduction & advice on cost effective disposal
    • Bacterial Monitoring & odour control
    • Design & integration of sludge removal equipment


We supply a complete turnkey package for the management of coagulation and flocculation processes present in spraybooth operations.

We also design, manufacture & install our own small-footprint high quality sludge removal equipment.
With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our depth of knowledge can help solve many problems that are faced in a fast-changing manufacturing environment, where efficient control of water treatment is important for:

  1. Reducing dirt issues
  2. Legislative compliance
  3. Minimising cleaning requirements
  4. Cost Control

Our expertise extends from advice on how to reduce costs of an existing chemical treatment regime to full design, installation and commissioning of overspray management for new systems. We can also provide a full range of detackifiers, coagulants, flocculants, biocides, pH adjuster and defoamers.

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Chemical Programmes

    • Coagulation & Flocculation chemicals
    • Defoamers
    • Biocides (oxidising and non-oxidising)
    • pH control

Process Technology

    • Floating sludge removal devices
    • Bespoke high quality Flotation units
    • Chemical dosing pumps and control equipment

Customer Support

  • Routine service visits & regular reporting
  • Low cost water analysis & one off consultancy services
  • Equipment and spares supply
  • Engineering design and modification
  • Equipment can be loaned FOC within contract packages- reducing capital investment cost

Ancillary plant

    • Installation & service of Reverse Osmosis & Softening plants
    • Bacterial control and consultancy for Air Handing Units